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Demo Vehicles Just Like New

Halfway between the brand new and the used vehicle lies one of the most interesting alternatives: the demonstrator vehicle. The demo vehicle, which isusually used previously by one of the team members or has been used for test drives, is the best of both worlds.

Having been used very little, the demo model has little mileage and has an impeccable track record. At Mazda Saint-Jérôme, we guarantee that each of these models has been maintained by our service team to be in its best condition.

Since they are not strictly speaking new, our demo vehicles are also offered at affordable prices in the same way as used models, while still being of the latest model year. Having already undergone a portion of the depreciation in value, the vehicle is offered at prices comparable to those of the pre-owned inventory even though it is still intact. You will often be able to take advantage of a longer warranty, since the manufacturer's warranty is likely not yet complete.

Can you dream of something better? Take advantage of the opportunity to purchase one of our demonstrator vehicles at the dealership. Consult the models in stock on our website or visit us for more details: your gem awaits you at Mazda Saint-Jérôme!